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Ingrown Toenails

How do I know If I have an ingrown toenail?

This condition may begin with little discomfort in the early stages of development and may worsen as time progresses. Frequently, pain, tenderness, swelling and redness in the toe along one or both sides of the nail are found. Also, it’s possible an infection may occur as a result of the nail piercing the skin.


  • Ingrown toenails frequently occur when the nail is trimmed too short or trimmed in a round shape, not straight across.

 The cut corner leaves a dead space where the skin will overgrow the nail

  • Can occur from injuries to the toe   
  • Non fitting shoes that bunch the toes too close together
  • Bacterial Infections


The skin is overgrowing the cut end and becoming inflamed.



If managed early enough, it can be managed very simply and without any procedures.  Your podiatrist will go over options on nail procedures, whether it’s packing the nail, partially removing the nail or removing the nail and infected tissue. In either case, speaking to your podiatrist about this condition will help you get a better understanding of specific treatment options that are right for you.


Your doctor may also recommend using topical or oral antibiotics, especially if the toe is infected or at risk of becoming infected


  • Going barefoot as often as possible will decrease the likeliness of developing ingrown toenails
  • Wearing proper fitting shoes
  • Using proper cutting techniques will also help decrease your risk of developing ingrown toenails. As shown on the image below, only cutting your nails straight across.


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